“James has rounded up a brilliant recording, with an elegant final production by James himself, which clearly shows he is an artist who has forged himself after many years in the blues world. GREAT.”

“James himself is an excellent guitarist with a pleasant voice. In addition, also a singer/songwriter qualities placed in the spotlight on this CD.”

“By My Side has a razor-sharp set of rocking blues that show Rogers to be a talented guitarist and a strong vocalist.”

“By My Side features 10 originals showing Rogers to be a strong song writer to go along with his top notch guitar and pleasing vocals.”

“James’ clean guitar lines are a real pleasure to hear and the album repays re-peated listening.”

“This guitarist, singer, songwriter, has a hit on his hands. Buddy’s playing is fabulous. Never too much, always just right.”

“Rogers’ recent CD, By My Side, is a razor-sharp set of rocking blues that show him to be a talented guitarist and a strong vocalist.”

  • Graham Clarke, Friday Blues Fix Blog (Oct 27, 2016)

“James Buddy Rogers album ‘By My Side’ is well worth investigating.”

“By My Side, from James “Buddy” Rogers is strong! Rogers vocals are soulful and fitting.”

“A nice varied album with blues, rock and pop influences.”

“His latest album “By My Side” proves James ‘Buddy’ Rogers is more than the average talent. Not only as an excellent guitarist but equally as songwriter.”

“James “Buddy” Rogers writes, plays, And sings his blues straight from the heart. “By My Side” comes from a bluesman who’s been around, and who’s sho’ nuff here to stay!”

“A seasoned guitar veteran on the blues scene, you can hear his maturity by not overplaying, but selecting his notes carefully and letting each song breath nicely. James ‘Buddy’ Rogers is proving to be a blues powerhouse, making his music truly worth a spin over and over again.”

“The title track, “Can’t Get You Off My Mind”, “Goin’ Down” and “Hell To Pay” are top notch blues rock offering and I’m sure the Juno Awards will be knocking at his door again.”

“A blistering set of guitar based blues here from a truly talented player. Some fine and fierce blues in these grooves.”

“Rogers is a solid guitarist and vocalist…and a top-notch songwriter. ‘By My Side’ is a keeper and the “Real Deal” One of those albums that has that timeless quality that will never grow old. Give it a listen. You will not be disappointed.”

“Rogers is a great singer and plays the guitar with so much talent and good taste.”

“’By My Side’ is a hit album!”

“JBR brings a very beautiful new album ‘By My Side’ out. The album is very pleasant on the ears and has a good variety of tempo’s and types of songs.”

“Definitely worth checking out James ‘Buddy’ Rogers. We had to listen again to repeat the great album!”

“One of those works in which it is not bored for a moment with pieces neither too short nor too long.”

“When white boys in west Canada get the blues, some sound like the got them on the west side of Chicago. And they get nominated for every award in sight when they really get those guitar slinging blues.”

“Rogers is in fine form with his three kings guitar style and his solid vocals. Rogers’ ability to set relationship stories to catchy tunes might just get him noticed again at awards time.”

James Buddy Rogers CD Cover

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